Mr. R.C. Dhasmana

" Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Parents & Students,

We are proud to announce the onset of the RADHA MADHAV Public School, Bareilly. RADHA MADHAV stands as a mark for one of the finest schools in the city as it propagates an environment conducive to learning.

John Dewey correctly said that Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself. Education is not just text book learning that ends in school but it is a life long journey that starts in one’s formative years. Education is the sculpting of the individual. It is the means for the individual to find his purpose in life and to fulfill this purpose with the greatest passion, thereby contributing to the nation. The quality of education we provide today is the determining factor behind the course our society will take in future. At RADHA MADHAV Public School, we are committed to facilitate a conducive learning environment of the highest possible standards, so that we can develop the finest individuals, capable of value adding in the society. We value the uniqueness of each child as both a gift and an opportunity

We take pride in the faculty and the methodologies implemented at this fine institution that does more than just imparting knowledge. Building character and empowering each student to be an enthusiastic lifelong learner is the aim of our institution. For a child to blossom to his maximum potential, an understanding family combined with stimulating learning opportunities at school is required. I look forward to your support to make our dream become a reality.

RADHA MADHAV Public School is equipped with excellent infrastructure based on new concepts and designs that facilitates learning through a more innovative pedagogy. Also, comfortable resources raise productivity levels which are in our best interest. We have state of the art- labs, music, art, dance rooms with a multi-purpose hall that will include an auditorium along with new sports facilities and 35 SMART CLASS ROOMS. Though, it is very vital to understand that for a school to be successful- infrastructure is just one piece of the puzzle, but the soul of the school is the teachers plus the students. Yet, parents play an extremely vital role to in shaping the child and for invigorating the child to perform.

In this dynamic world, with new technology and teaching styles surging ever so frequently, it is important to consider that our faculty possesses the latest tools to make learning fun and progressive. At RADHA MADHAV Public School we schedule training programs for teachers on a regular basis to ensure their growth as well.

We believe that all students can learn & each is a unique individual with equal potential to make a positive contribution to our school community. At RADHA MADHAV Public School, we want to instill an enthusiasm for lifelong learning in each student along with the skills necessary to prepare for the challenges and changes which will be faced in their future. I believe that our students must develop the skills and understanding that will enable them to become responsible, contributing citizens of the global community.

This is all the vision that I’m looking at currently, but it’s not possible without everyone’s combined efforts. Your co-operation is what I’m looking at.