Mission Statement

The Mission of our school is to make all the students technically sound,especially, in the field of Information Technology, as it is quite necessary to one and all to cope up with the present requirements of the world.

How it will be implemented

Step by Step things should be preceded further

1. In the First three months. I. In the first three months, we will create a setup equipped with all the facilities required to achieve the goal and make aware the students and teachers with the importance of IT.
a. On Lower level, means from 1 st to 5 th in this duration, we will make the students well acquainted with all the general devices not only related to computer world but also about the devices which are used in our daily life. With advancement of technology day to day, We get new devices equipped with new features. We will make them known to all those devices through videos, animated videos and graphics and ppt files.
b. Real time environment will be provided to them.
c. From 6 th to 12 th , perfect Operation of devices will be demonstrated to them and also make them learn.

2. In the second three months. I. From 1 st to 5 th , we will make the students learn how to operate the device perfectly.
II. From 6 th to12 th , we will provide them internet facility so that they can explore the Devices like computer, projector, printer, Photo state etc. things under the guidance and supervision of the respective teachers.

3. In the next six months.
I. From 1 st to 5 th , we will provide the Internet facility to make them Learn How to operate it. Some General things will be told to them.
II. From 6 th to12 th , we will make learn about the facilities of Internet Like video/ audio conferencing, e-mailing, chatting, operations performed on websites and also make them aware about the security of computer from unauthorized person over internet.
III. To implement the virtual Lab concept in all the Labs Like- Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Math’s Labs Internet facility will be provided for enhancing the practical approach in Real Time environment.

4. In the next Six Months.
I. We will make the students learn about the Hardware Devices and different kinds of Software available in the market for different purposes.
II. Language Lab: - For improving the communication, Grammatical Skills, Pronunciation and accent of Words, we will implement a language Lab.
III. Digital Library: - We will introduce the concept of Digitalization in the Library for managing the resources.

Conclusion of Implementation

1. Through smart classes we are teaching the students. This facility provides them a
2. In the computer Labs we are providing them Internet facility with the help of lot of electronic stuff like animation videos, graphics and PPt slides. which they explore the new things and we can endow them with world level information and technology.
3. For it, we emphasize The pattern of “Less Theory and More Practical”
 After 2 years it will be ensured that they are well endowed with the capability of operating the computers , well acquaintance with the hardware devices , software operation of all kinds, accessing of different kind of websites, exploring of new things.

Things Required To Achieve the AIM 1. We have to equip the Computer Labs & Smart Classes with Internet Facility through WI-FI System.
2. At least two periods of practical Labs and Smart Classes in one week should be there.
3. Un-interrupted power supply is required.
4. At least 3 MBPS Internet plan with unlimited facility along with WI—FI System.
5. Some working and Non- working devices are required for demonstration.